Frankie's Ball Grease

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Frankie's Ball Grease
Frankie's Ball Grease

Reverse Osmosis Water, Grass-Fed Tallow, Shea Butter, Emu Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin D3(50,000 IU per 2oz)

An unscented cream to get your vitamin d3, it has a higher water content and is less "greasy," more wet. 

Recommended use is 1-2 tins per week

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Very high quality moisturizer!

I use this as a facial moisturizer, as well as a nut moisturizer. The vitamin d3 makes my skin glow!!! Everyone has commented on how my skin is glowing recently, I apply it after I shower and exfoliate my face in the morning. It has a pleasant smell in my opinion, almost like cocoa butter or something. Will definitely be buying more!

Great grease

I found the grease to be very good, but I do have one problem with this. The tin box seems to oxidize from the water in the grease, and I'm a bit concerned about that seeping into the grease. If that could be fixed, I would keep ordering this.

I wanted it to be good.

I used this as a facial moisturizer for about a week & it was great. However, my hands developed some nasty peeling from rubbing it on my face with my fingers & palms. Stopped using it for 2 days & my hands healed. Possibly a rancid batch. Either way, I will not be buying again.

Very good moisturizer!!!

I have a VERY VERY sensitive skin especially on my face. I have tried a lot of face cream and it makes me itch! NOT THIS ONE, I'm so glad to found this. It's very light weight, absorb almost instantly to the skin. Not tacky and greasy at all!!! The package is ok, not a fan, kinda simple and basic, but it works for me so I don't really care much. I even put it on my nails cuticle too! Keep up the good work, Frankie!!!

Thank you for the new twist off lids

First time I bought this I got the lid stuck on and couldn't get it off even with a vice and hammer. I ended up having to cut it off. The new twist off lids are so much better and prevent leakage.



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