Natural Hair Pomade

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Natural Hair Pomade


Beeswax, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils

An oil based hair pomade free from chemicals, preservatives, anything artificial!

Daily use lasts approximately 3 weeks

Customer Reviews

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Jason Alvarez
Good stuff

First pomade iv ever had that actually left my hair feeling soft after it dried unlike other pomade that always leaves my hair feeling stiff and gross.

Sasha Valle
Excellent Product

Love this stuff for flyaways, I actually got it to see if it works like mousse for my curls. A little of this stuff goes a long way which is nice.
Thanks Frankie

Jaimie Raein
The Hold that Keeps on Holding

If you rarely wash your hair like me (just rinse in the shower), then you will start to develop a residual buildup. At this point, a little bit of the pomade will go a a long way. It takes a couple days of use to get to this point for me since I have very thick hair.

The benefit of this residual buildup is that even after rinsing, it will have minor hold properties. This is perfect for your hair still feeling relatively clean but having enough hold to maintain a casual but organized look. Or, for keeping your hair out of your face for chores or exercise.

The pomade gives more of a high shine look than I'd like, but the hold properties and the non-toxic ingredients can't be beat.

Good stuff!

An all natural hair pomade that does the trick. Thanks Frank!

George Vahamonde
Stuff is great

Smells good, I rub it into my hair from the tin, keeps me looking fresh. Good product!



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