Cavity Cure Concentrate with HYDROXYAPATITE

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Cavity Cure Concentrate with HYDROXYAPATITE


Ingredients: Emu Oil, Calcium Hydroxyapatite, Magnesium Carbonate, Mastic Gum, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 MK4 

A highly concentrated source of Vitamins and Minerals to quickly heal a cavity.

After eating meal, brush teeth as normal with Tooth Powder then gently brush on Cavity Cure and do not rinse mouth. 

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Ryan Christy
Cavity cure concentrate!

So far so good. Doesn’t taste bad at all, and so far has seemed toe to great!

Helps with sensitivity!

I have some sensitivity post braces due to recession and enamel degrading. The cavity cure has been a helpful addition to my dental practice. I used to use “sensitive” toothpaste only to realize it was making the problem worse slowly over time. Since getting the cavity cure I use it once a week and notice less pain from cold. I might be crazy but when I let it soak it’s like I can feel the extra protection soaking in.

So far so good

I use a lot of Frankie's naturals products on my skin but ony recently tried the re-mineralizing tooth powder which I really enjoy. My teeth have never been whiter so when Frankie introdued cavity cure I had to give it go. It has a lite falvor but my teeth are super shiney after using the product. My husband even noticed and has started to use the product as well.

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