African Black Soap

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African Black Soap
Approximately 5oz (Between 4oz-6oz)
Coconut Shell Powder, Plantain Extract, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Water and Palm Oil 
A natural soap free of chemicals, preservatives, anything negative!
Recommended to use with a scrub brush or loofa
Daily use lasts 1-2 weeks

Customer Reviews

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Wasim Malik
Really good

Was really sceptical about this soap, but its actually one of the best soaps ive used i a while.
Reminds me of the palmolive bar of soap we used to have before liquid soaps got popular, it has a good smell and my skin feels really good after using it!
Pretty big bar tho, i cut it up in 4 pieces.

Mick Romine
Best black soap I've tried!

Don't know where he sources it, but this is the best I've used. I've tried black soap from the local health food co-op and some homemade from an African market close to me. Compared to the others, its softer so it lathers well and cleans without the feeling of residue left on my body. Oh and less expensive.

Great soap

Just a personal background- I've dealt with ezcema, I have very sensitive skin, and honestly I stopped using soap in my daily showers because most of them are too harsh and don't do much for me. This soap is a great size and shape. I love using it- my skin feels clean without having the moisture completely stripped from my skin. :) I love this so much! and it's a great price. it's larger than the average soap or Dove bar you may be familiar with. Thank you so much for this Frankie.

Wyatt Blair
my favorite soap! PERIOD.

I have sensitive skin, and have always been trying to find a natural soap that is fragrance free and made with minimal ingredients... this soap is just that! I order tons of this all the time and use it on my body, skin, and even as a shampoo! It's my favorite, and my skin is always clear. thanks Franky, for supplying us with good hygeine products and foods!

The best

I bought one from Frankie, then tried to find what I thought was the same soap on amazon and order in bulk. The amazon stuff was just different, hard to tell you how or why but you'll know the difference when you start with Frankies. I'm sure the brand he gets is on amazon but you'd have to try em all when I'd rather just support frankie boy and know I get quality.

Frankie boy, I'd love if you could offer bulk deals. Intead of cutting the big bar you get offer us the bar at whatever price is fair and we can cut it. This is the only soap I use now, so it makes sense for me to buy in bulk rather than high $$$ small bars.



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