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Fluoride Free Tooth Powder

Frankie's Naturals

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Fluoride Free Tooth Powder
Fluoride Free Tooth Powder


Clay, Calcium, Magnesium, Peppermint Oil

An alternative to tooth paste that contains the harmful element sodium fluoride as well as baking soda. Calcium and Magnesium promote oral health. 

Lasts approximately 1 month

Customer Reviews

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Wyatt Blair
The best!!!

I’m never going back to conventional toothpaste after using Frankie’s naturals tooth powder! Leaves your mouth feeling clean & fresh without the toxic chemicals conventional products have!

Brian King
Effective, pure and trustworthy

I simply don't trust mass produced, fluoride contaminated tooth pastes out there and was looking for a product that had the actual constituients to clean and fortify your teeth with. Noticed Frankie's beautiful teeth and when I inquired on what he does, wah-lah, he turned me on to this. My teeth have never been cleaner and very happy with this product. My step dad and mom also love it. Thumbs up and 5 gold stars!!

Not the greatest tasting, but it works and the mouth-feel isn't too bad

I haven't been using long enough to notice any restorative effects (whitening, sensitivity reduction, etc.) so I can't speak to that yet, but I do enjoy brushing with it. The peppermint oil is strong enough to remind you it's there, but not enough to salvage the Earthy taste (not that it's a big deal). Lastly, it doesn't "lather" the way normal toothpaste would, but it creates enough of a paste that it offers great coverage when brushing. It doesn't feel "powdery" or "gunky" and has a surprisingly satisfying feel during and after brushing.

Brennen Farrell
Great Product

Great price. Actually works. Leaves your mouth feeling clean, and I honestly think it is whitening my teeth slowly over time.

felix beaudin
very good stuff

very good stuff

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