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Natural Lip Balm

Frankie's Naturals

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Natural Lip Balm
Natural Lip Balm

Grass-Fed Beef Tallow, Beeswax

Lip balm free of chemicals, preservatives, and vegetable oils.

Daily use lasts 2-3 months

Customer Reviews

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Trevor Lissauer
Best Chapstick Ever!

Last a long, long time and does the job better than any other chapstick I have had. Ordered over 10 to stock up and gave a couple to friends.

mickael hoarau
Great product

Great product from frankie boy!

Helen Russo

Natural Lip Balm

Best Lip Balm EVER!

I've been using this and only this since it came out, im actually sorry i didn't leave a review sooner. But it is hands down the best thing i've ever used. Seriously, i only need it once a day unless I use it before a shower. One stick lasts me a few months. My lips are huge, i used to get made fun of at school about my lips, they also have always been chapped and i peel them a lot when they get dry, which happens a lot. But other lip balm gets used so fast, goes away, use it again, i forget to buy more....

BUT THIS ONE WORKS IF I USE IT ONCE A DAY, i never run out, it never dries out , He should honestly be selling it for 10 dollars a stick with how long it lasts And i would still buy it. The only time my lips peel now is when i lick my lips because i forget to use it, And then im mad cause im at a store or some thing and i just remembered i didn't use it... so now im in a predicament when i need to get home. And what if i cant get home to use it? SERIOUSLY I NEED THIS SPECIFIC BRAND!

Pavlo Busko

Natural Lip Balm

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