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Natural Clay Shampoo (Frankie's)

Frankie's Naturals

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Natural Clay Shampoo (Frankie's)
lb (16oz)

White Kaolin Clay
A natural clay powder to mix with water for shampoo
Daily use lasts approximately 2 weeks

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Unlike most shampoo products which frizz my hair out even when using conditioner afterward, the clay shampoo makes my hair look and feel clean without it looking like a q-tip.

How to use: Use a container to poor the clay into (adjust amount depending on hair length and type). Gradually add water and mix until the consistency resembles melted chocolate. You'll know you've used too-little water if it has a "pastey" consistency. If you use too much water, it'll appear liquid more than a semi-solid. Hope this helps.

Great Alternative to Shampoo!

My hair comes out nice and smooth after using the natural clay shampoo. It also brings out volume.

He’s Everywhere

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It does work and works well once you learn how to use it. It needs to come with some explicit instructions and/or ratios of how much powder to liquid you should use.

I eventually brought a bowl to mix it in within the shower. I add just enough water to make the powder into a paste without any dry powder being remaining. I then slowly work the paste into my wet hair little bits at a time. Your hair will eventually feel like you have a real shampoo in it. It does a great job at removing grease without drying out too much nor does it contain unnatural components.

It works!

Just one wash and my dandruff was gone. Quite incredible! I mixed the warm shower water with the clay until liquid but slightly creamy consistency. Then put it all over my scalp and dipped the ends of my hair into it, lathering everywhere, and waited 10 minutes. Then washed with diluted apple cider vinegar and water. My hair is so soft, scalp looks never better. Thank you! Much better than bentonite clay which made my hair and scalp dry.

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